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The Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) consists of a series of computer-generated warning letters and progressive sanctions against the driving privilege. NOTS affects California drivers eighteen years of age and older. Younger "provisional" drivers are also included in the NOTS program if they violate provisional probation or suspension.

NOTS actions are based on the number of "points" drivers add to their driving record within specified time periods. Negligent operator points are added to the driving record upon receipt of conviction notices from courts and reports of responsible collisions from law enforcement which indicate that the driver contributed, was at fault, or was responsible to any degree or in any amount for the collision.

A negligent operator is defined in the California Vehicle Code as any driver whose record shows a count of four (4) points in 12 months, six (6) points in 24 months or eight (8) points in 36 months.

The NOTS program consists of four levels:

The initial reporting of the responsibility for a collision by law enforcement can be refuted by credible evidence presented by the driver at an administrative hearing. In addition, the DMV must consider all evidence submitted in reaching a final determination with regard to the driver's negligent operator status. Therefore, there are many ways to attack DMV's proposed negligent operator suspension. Contact Mindy McQueen today to discuss your DMV case.