“This is just a note to say thank you for helping my husband take care of a difficult situation so expertly: He was so lucky to find you!

Your sense of humor and winning ways made quite a difference to his morale, and mine too!”

—A. J.

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California DMV Attorney

The purpose of the NOTS hearing is to consider the driver's record, including mitigating and aggravating circumstances, decide whether the driver should in fact be classified as a negligent operator under the point count system, and determine whether any action against his/her driving privilege is needed.

The driver is entitled to be represented by an attorney, and is given the opportunity to produce evidence and testify in detail regarding his/her driver record. Any action taken by the DMV must be supported by a preponderance of evidence. If a hearing is held, the possible decisions regarding the driving privilege at the conclusion of the hearing include:

Why you want an experienced attorney at your hearing: